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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Who, Exactly, Is Grant Shapps?

Grant Shapps, certainly the oiliest Tory amongst a pretty oily bunch, has been making coded threats today aimed at the BBC. The reason for this is fairly straightforward - the Tories want the BBC to keep their opinions to themselves in the run up to the next election. The Tories have done some pretty despicable things in the last three years and intend to do a few more before 2015 but they don't want anybody to know about them. "The BBC," Shapps said, "faces cuts unless they rebuild public trust." Which of course is code for "The BBC faces cuts if they badmouth us and we win the next election." The idea that Grant Shapps should lecture anyone on "rebuilding trust" is pretty rich considering his own rather murky past. It would seem that Mr.Shapps uses another identity when visiting the United States where he poses as a web advertising expert under the name Mike Green. His reasons for doing this are somewhat obscure but seem to have something to do with the fact that he doesn't want anyone in this country to know about his rather dubious business practices. One thing is known, however, and that is that his network of websites have been blocked on Google for "breaching its rules on copyright infringement and encouraging customers to plagiarise content." The Tory party has issued a statement that Shapps "no longer has any involvement" in the business. That is technically true since Shapps transferred ownership of his business interests to his wife Belinda who, apart from being married to him, has absolutely no connection with him at all. All this would be mildly amusing if it wasn't for the fact that this crook is the Tory party chairman and is in charge of their re-election strategy. Little wonder then that he's so keen to gag the BBC and hide from the electorate the rotten heart of the Tory party.

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