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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Tories Welcome Their Dickensian Vision For Britain.

The Dickensian future that the Tories plan for Britain took a huge step forward today as 5,800 people were summoned by Southwark council for not being able to pay their council tax now that support for the unemployed and low paid has been cut. Some of them were unemployed, though many more have jobs that pay barely enough to keep body and soul together. These people, who's only crime is that they are poor, are now facing fines and court costs that they can't pay either. Essentially what we are now witnessing is the 21st century version of the poor laws in a retrograde step that is calculated by this evil government to punish the poor simply for being poor. And this is but the tip of a very dirty iceberg with at least 157,000 people already summoned across the country with absolutely no guarantee that many of these people won't find themselves in prison. Meanwhile Durham University has conducted a study of loan companies and come to the conclusion that they are "preying on the poor." Though the study should be praised for offering objective proof that this is the case anyone with more than two working brain cells (not including Tories obviously) could have reached the same conclusion. Essentially the unholy alliance between the finance industry and the Tory party are conspiring together to create a new economic underclass, unemployed or not, that they can take advantage of and punish at the same time. This is not only disgusting it is evil pure and simple and the essential feature of the new "caring" Tory party as advertised by Cameron and the other spivs, conmen and fraudsters in the cabinet.

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