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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Tories Impoverish Britain To Sustain Their Property Values.

In the past year the number of people forced to use food banks in order to simply survive has tripled while wages across the board (except for the top1%) have fallen by 2%. The NHS is in crisis, Royal Mail has been stolen and fenced through the greedy and stupid to a gang of international crooks, employment is becoming predominantly part-time much of it resting on zero hour contracts, the elderly are being deliberately placed in danger of hyperthermia this winter to feed the greed and avarice of energy companies and the sick and unemployed are being branded as scroungers with no right of appeal. This is the picture of Britain today under the leadership of David Cameron and his Tory cronies and they are convinced that this catalogue of evil will win them the next general election. Nor do they offer any hope for the future, content to tell us all that austerity for us and unlimited rewards for themselves will continue for the foreseeable future. The way they are selling this is to tell us that we deserve it and that we should take our punishment in order to protect our credit rating (which has already failed) and to reduce the national debt (which they have doubled in the last three years). Yet there must be some underlying reason for this madness other than the threadbare and insane reasons put forward by the Cameron and Osborne. The answer to this riddle lies in the housing market and property values. Osborne has moved heaven and earth to "get the market moving" as he puts it. Moving? Why would anyone in their right mind want to get an over-valued and unsustainable market "moving" again? Why is inflation in any other commodity bad while inflation in the property market is good? It benefits only two sorts of people. The already too wealthy who own several properties and the those who make a living by snatching as much out of other people's pockets through charging high rents for substandard housing. In other words the whole country is being sacrificed for Tories such as Cameron and Osborne who have a substantial proportion of their wealth invested in various properties and Tory voters with substantial investments in the buy-to-rent sector. We are being asked to die so they can live, we are being asked to give up our future so they can stash as much money into offshore bank accounts as they get their sticky fingers on. It is a policy of the greedy, the selfish and the downright evil - it is Toryism red in tooth and claw, the survival of the nastiest and least deserving. It is nothing short of treasonous.

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