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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Bedroom Tax Funding Tax Loophole For Tory Party Donators.

David Cameron is to be quizzed by Parliament as to why he has failed completely to close a £500 million tax loophole that benefits corporate contributors to the Tory party. Essentially the loophole allows companies, especially those awarded lucrative government contracts, to borrow from themselves and avoid tax by declaring themselves to be in debt. Given the criminal instincts of the Tory party this is hardly surprising nor is the fact that the bedroom tax imposed on the poor almost exactly matches the revenue lost because of the loophole. The poor are in fact subsidising corporate bloodsuckers who then return the favour to the Tory party with "donations." Just another means of laundering public money through private companies and into Tory party coffers then. The Tories are defending this nice little fraud by claiming that tax receipts have increased this year by 7%. This happens to be true but only because the people who are benefitting from the loophole put off paying themselves their "bonuses" from 2012 to avoid paying tax at 50p and to take advantage of the new tax rate of 45p. Heads they win, tails we lose. Even John Major, the last leader of the Tory party to actually win an election, is so shocked at the criminals who have taken over his party that he is now firing warning shots across Cameron's pointy end. The truth is that Cameron and his fellow conmen and spivs have crossed a Rubicon, the divide between legitimate political ideology and organised crime, between genuine differences in economic opinion and naked self-interest.

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