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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Why Are Privatised Services So Expensive And Inefficient?

G4S, the security company that failed completely to provide security for the Olympics and had to be bailed out by the public sector, are now spectacularly failing to provide an adequate service at HMP Oakwood. In the privately run prison it is easier to get drugs than to get soap and yet, despite being the world's most useless security company, the coalition is still awarding them contracts worth billions. The Tories like to tell us that this is because "competitive bidding to run prisons offered innovation, efficiency and better value for money without compromising standards.” The truth is that G4S is a major part of the Tories scheme to launder public money through private companies and into their bank accounts. G4S are awarded lucrative contracts for which they are not even remotely qualified, pocket huge wads of public money and then hand over a small proportion of this money to the Tory party as a bribe to ensure the award of future contracts. Nice business if you can get your snout in. The problems only came to light when it became embarrassingly obvious that those who run G4S are too dumb to walk and chew gum at the same time. Indeed, their own qualification for the job seems to be their propensity for criminal activity and their all-consuming greed. No wonder the Tories love them so much. This is where the Tory argument for further privatisation falls foul of reality. The standard of executive management in Britain is actually quite woeful with banks little better then organised crime gangs, transport companies who find it easier to move public money into their pockets than to move the public, energy companies who deliberately kill pensioners to improve profits and water companies who can't find enough water in a country that is almost permanently flooded. Now the Tories want to privatise education and healthcare so that we can all enjoy the "efficiency" of the private sector in these key areas too. In fact they are simply trying to increase the size and frequency of the bribes they depend upon for their very existence.

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