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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tories Contemplate The Cost Of Killing Pensioners.

A debate seems to have broken out amongst Tories as to how many pensioners they can allow to die this winter before they have to pay a political price. For the likes of Cameron, Osborne, IDS, and Gove the answer is simple - as many as it takes to cut their tax bill. For old-style Tories like John Major the question is quite different. Is a government responsible for the welfare of the electorate as a whole, only some of them or does it have no responsibility at all? As John Major said quite plainly today Cameron is not a third world dictator like Assad - he is the Prime Minister of Britain and he should behave like it. Tory or not a government should be acting in the interests of the people who pay their wages, not the energy companies in return for backhanders and certainly not in the interests of the Chinese and French. Advice to spend all of our spare time studying the energy market to get a "better deal" is not good enough and telling us to "put on a jumper" is plain insulting. Even more insulting is the news that the British taxpayer will underwrite the new nuclear power plants with no guarantee that they will get lower prices in return. As usual in this new "heads we win, tails you lose" capitalism, the debts will be nationalised while the profits will be privatised. Cameron is now between a rock and a hard place and is visibly paralysed by his inability to behave like a proper leader and take backhanders from his crooked mates at the same time. He stands exposed for the self-interested spiv that he always was and it took a Tory, John Major, to drive this truth home in a way that the British electorate can understand. What will Cameron do about the wholesale fraud of the energy companies when the answer "nothing" is no longer good enough? The answer is actually quite obvious - renationalise the energy industry without compensation to those who would let people die to increase the blood money they have the nerve to call "profits".

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