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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Anatomy Of A Tory Crime.

Yesterday the aircraft pictured above belonged to you and me. Today, after being sold for little better than 20% of its worth, it belongs to a speculator in stocks and shares. Tomorrow, after being sold for a little more than 20% of its true value, it will belong to a multi-national company that pays no tax in Britain. Overjoyed and grateful for getting such a valuable asset, and billions of pounds of assets just like it, for next to nothing the multi-national company will then make a "donation" to the Tory party. That is how the criminal gang known as the Tory party takes national assets and turns them into newly laundered cash to stuff into its party coffers and into their pockets. They will then use taxpayers money to pay the multi-national company for a mail "service", the cost of which will escalate far faster than inflation, and, in return for this largesse, will receive yet more "donations". This is how the Tory party ensures a steady supply of laundered money. If you were to sell something that didn't belong to you, fence it through a criminal gang and then sit back and enjoy a nice percentage of the continued earnings from the theft you would be rightly dubbed a criminal and gangster. If caught you would be tried and, if found guilty, would be lucky to see the outside world this side of the mid-21st century. The Tories have to fear no such consequences and can, therefore, commit their crimes in the full glare of publicity and, with the support of the stupid, the greedy and the ideologically committed amongst us, continue to enjoy the proceeds of their crime unhindered. This is not politics, this is crime pure and simple, a fraud of outstanding audacity, while we are the victims with absolutely no hope of redress for our losses.

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