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Monday, 7 October 2013

Osborne Risks Economy For Votes.

So far George Osborne's economic policy of austerity for the poor and unlimited goodies for the rich has been just short of disastrous. It hasn't wrecked the economy though it hasn't done it much good either and has certainly delayed any recovery while ensuring that is both patchy and deeply unfair. Most of the evil inflicted on the country - and make no mistake it is evil - has come in the form of social disruption and has been largely confined to those who don't vote Tory in the first place. Osborne has been unashamedly partisan, coddling Tory voters, pandering to their unthinking prejudices and making Britain safe for those with the sharpest elbows. His latest economic policy, however, is nothing short of stupid. The Help to Buy scheme, brought forward in the panic that set in after Ed Miliband promised to curb the rapacious money-grubbing energy companies, is certainly the dumbest thing he's ever done. It will only serve to breath life back into the property bubble that wrecked the world economy in the first place, make it even more difficult for ordinary people, especially the young, to buy their first home and further widen the chasm that has opened up between the have's and the have not's. The cap put on the scheme of £600,000 and the lack of restriction upon those applying is an open invitation for the buy-to-rent Tory voting minority to cash in once again. The fact is that the policy makes absolutely no economic sense whatsoever and is nothing more than an attempt to create a false and short-lived recovery for those who have already proven that they are unfit to have the vote by supporting the Tories. The Tories know they cannot hope to gain a majority in 2015 - they have deliberately inflicted too much damage on ordinary people for that - but they do hope that they can maintain the status quo and slither through the door of No.10 again with the help of the craven and turncoat Lib Dems or whichever party replaces them at the polls. Not just a cynical policy then, but one also designed to cheat the British public once again.

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