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Friday, 30 August 2013

Coalition Stunned That Democracy Has Survived In Britain After All.

Abraham Lincoln once described one of his generals as "confused and stunned, like a duck hit on the head". His description certainly fits the Coalition government today after they discovered that, despite all their efforts, lies and spin, democracy has managed to survive in Britain after all. Michael Gove was almost incoherent with rage in the House last night as 50 of his fellow coalition MP's refused point blank to do as they were told. Cameron was reduced to blustering that Ed Miliband was siding with Assad and the Russians. Paddy Ashdown was eager to tell anyone who would listen that he was "ashamed" of his country. The BBC was in propaganda overdrive showing film from Syria of a graphic nature that they have never shown before. Despite all of this hype and hot air, however, 89% of the British public still do not support any military action against Syria. They have had enough of watching billions of their tax pounds being poured into military adventures simply to make the Prime Minister of the day feel more important and more presidential. Cameron has sold his "we're skint" line too well. If we can't afford money for the disabled and the vulnerable how come we can afford to bomb Syria? Cameron is now irretrievably damaged - a self-inflicted wound that is a direct result of being out of touch with his own party, Parliament and the British people. He has shown himself to be not only unfeeling and arrogant but stupid as well.

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