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Friday, 9 August 2013

Bank Gets A Taste Of Its Own Medicine.

Just when you think that banks can't get any more careless one of them proves you wrong. In Russia a man called Dmitry Argarkov has baffled the executives of Tinkoff Credit Systems by playing them at their own game. After receiving an unsolicited invitation to take one of their credit cards Mr.Argarkov took the contract, fed it into his computer, changed a few things in his favour, signed and then sent it back. Despite their warning to read the small print the hapless bank failed to notice his tinkering and granted him an unlimited balance at 0% interest and with no charges. After two years the bank tried to terminate his agreement and claim 45,000 roubles from Mr.Argarkov. This included the remaining balance on the card and late payment charges and fees not included in their customer's altered contract. Taken to court when he told them to shove it, a Russian Judge pointed out that not reading a contract was no defence and found against the bank. Laughing his socks off Mr.Argarkov promptly sued the bank for 24 million roubles for failing to keep to their side of the contract. So far the bank has responded only by reminding everyone through their Twitter account that "Stealing is a sin." Yes it is, but Tinkoff are a bank and therefore don't know what the word "sin" actually means - though they are beginning to get their heads around the word "stupid".

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