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Sunday, 11 August 2013

For The Tories The War Is Over.

For Cameron and his Tory henchmen the war is over and, as far as they're concerned, they've won it. The economy might be in the doldrums and quite likely to stay there but they have achieved their main aims - saving the finance system so that it can continue its crime spree, inflating house prices once again so their property portfolios retain their value and kicking the poor and disadvantaged so they can feel better about themselves. The cost, however, is appalling. While Iain Duncan Smith hands out £44 million in bonuses to his DWP storm troopers, London is rapidly being class cleaned as ordinary people are priced out of the capital because of his vicious bedroom tax. In Plymouth alone there are over 700 families desperately trying to find smaller places to live before his tax forces them onto the streets. Meanwhile wages in Britain are now so low that only Greece, Portugal and the Netherlands are worse off. The Tories have essentially killed off all demand in the economy except for the demand of rich people for ever more expensive ways to parade their superiority. Rolls Royce, Land Rover and Jaguar are the only expanding industries in the country while those businesses geared to the demands of ordinary people are falling into bankruptcy at an alarming rate. The Tories have reacted to this in typical style, ignoring the distress in constituencies where they have no majority and featherbedding their own voters. In Welwyn, where the sitting MP is the Tory Chairman Grant Shapps, three bedroomed houses are being reclassified as two bedroomed to avoid the tax and to make sure that Mr.Shapps retains his ability to pad his expense account and continue taking bribes. With so much political corruption so openly displayed is it any wonder that Brits who still bother to vote are becoming an endangered species and Britain is edging ever closer to a breakdown of civil society?

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