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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Tories Flaunt Their Greed.

If you've ever wondered what Tory greed and Tory corruption looks like then all you have to do is look at this photograph of Sir Jim Paice. This piece of work has been a Tory MP since 1987 but plans to give up his seat in 2015 - just before his vile party is consigned to the dustbin of history - in order to pay more attention to his £125,000 one day a week job as the chairman of First Milk. Cashing in on his insider knowledge after being a minister in the Department of Agriculture and Food, this crook will continue to pretend to represent his constituency while pocketing a huge amount of money for doing as little as possible. This is how the crooks that pose as Tory MP's cash in on their insider knowledge once they've been rumbled and decide that the jig is up. Telling his constituents that he can "squeeze in quite reasonably" this part-time job in between his normal work as an MP, this is the unacceptable face of Tory corruption. Such people become Tory MP's not because they have an overwhelming desire to serve their country but because they have an overwhelming desire to grab as much cash as they can get their sticky fingers on before voters realise that they have elected a crooked scumbag. The Tories have turned this country into a playground for the greedy and the corrupt, a place where scum will always rise to the top and where the electorate are nothing more than "marks" for conmen like this one.

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