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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Tories Shovel Taxpayer's Money Into Private Hands.

David Cameron's waistline seems to be expanding at a rate matched only by the bulging wallets of the fat cat private sector. The Tories latest scam, the bedroom tax, has increased the amount of tax payers money flowing into the bank accounts of private landlords from £7.9 to £9.4 billion. While wages are squeezed rents are continuing to climb as the demand for smaller properties is deliberately and artificially inflated by a Tory party with its eyes firmly fixed on "donations" from grateful crooks, spivs and conmen across the country. Where industries are already privatised the Tories are busier than ever laundering public money through their wealthy mate's businesses and into their party coffers. Where nationalised industries still exist the Tories are casting greedy and envious eyes on the potential money stream and scheming to either privatise them outright or introduce "market forces" that privatise them in all but name. From being the country's most successful bunch of scroungers, the toffs in charge of our lives are now actively defrauding the taxpayer in a criminal spree that is unparalleled since the Norman Conquest. They are fond of the phrase "entitlement culture" but are not shy in promoting their own corrupt version of it in which the already rich grab as much as they can because they believe they "deserve" it. This is staggering hubris as their greed continues to warp and destroy the wider economy, with demand from the majority stagnating even as the ill-gotten gains of a minority flow into offshore bank accounts. It is the economics of the insane and there are few more certifiable than a Tory with his greedy nose in the public trough.

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