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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Tories Coin It As Corruption Flourishes.

The most corrupt government this country has suffered since the early 19th century is accruing money at a rate that beggars belief. Offshore Group Newcastle alone has given the Tories a nice little earner of £140,000 for awarding them a subsidy of £4.5 million of taxpayers money in yet another example of the Tories scheme to launder public money through the private sector and pocket as much as they can get their sticky fingers on. Meanwhile the Tory council in Worcestershire has come up with a scheme to make children pay for being taken into care. Like car parks and speeding cameras the children of Worcestershire are now little more than an opportunity to steal money from the innocent in order to provide for the needs of the greedy, selfish and venal. But this epidemic of monstrous corruption is providing David Cameron with a first class headache as Tory MP's queue up to abandon Parliament in 2015 so they take up various lucrative directorships and trade on their insider knowledge and political "connections". In effect the old boy network at Westminster is cashing in and making room for the new boy network from Eton, Oxford and Cambridge so that they can serve their apprenticeship in legalised crime and organised corruption. As the country sinks into a mire of corrupt government not seen since the era of the rotten boroughs, the electorate in England are now beginning to believe that the Tory party are the most trustworthy in terms of the economy. The propaganda of the last three years seems to be paying off for the Tories as the voting public, too dumb to walk and chew gum at the same time, are falling for the usual simplistic parables about maxed-out credit cards, household budgets and having to "pay our way" even as the Tories themselves encourage more subprime debt courtesy of a newly inflated property bubble. But that's the trouble with what we call democracy in this country - it tends to encourage the "thick as a brick" voter to commit social and economic suicide to provide for the comfort of the privileged few.

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