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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tories To Use Welfare Savings To Bomb Syria.

The Tories are falling over each other tonight in a mad scramble to recall parliament. Is it because they are aghast at the number of people being forced onto the streets because of their bedroom tax? Is it because the number of people now dependent on charity food banks is getting embarrassing? Is it because of the unexplained rise in the death rate which seems largely confined to the aged poor? Is it to discuss the torture that disabled people are being subject to by ATOS? Is it because wages in Britain are amongst the lowest in Europe? Is it because there is now more economic and social inequality in Britain than there is in Nigeria? No. It is to discuss whether the boys should use their toys to give another Arab nation a jolly good thrashing. Which is not to say that Bashar Hafez al-Assad is not a thoroughly bad egg. He was, after all, educated at Eton where thoroughly bad eggs are ten-a-penny. It is quite likely that he has indeed used chemical weapons against his own people and thoroughly deserves whatever thrashing he's got coming. The question is, why us? If any thrashing should be meted out shouldn't it be done by those nations that can actually afford it? Perhaps Switzerland or Luxembourg could do the job since they're so rich they don't need to pay tax. Perhaps the banking industry could stump up the money - we certainly stumped up enough for them when they needed it. One thing is certain - Britain cannot afford yet another costly military adventure in the Middle East. Certainly not with the social and economic catastrophe the Tories are continually telling us we're facing. And certainly not when the victors in Syria - whoever they might be - will simply turn on us when they've stopped killing each other.

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