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Friday, 23 August 2013

Tories Unveil Their Great Export Drive.

The Tories have proudly unveiled their plans to stimulate British exports by announcing that they intend to send the sick abroad to India for treatment. This will "save" money, they assert, without explaining exactly how British money flowing to India will do this. No do they explain what will happen to all of the "excess" medical staff in Britain. Presumably they will be offered retraining as domestic servants for the new fat cat elite that will be pocketing the "savings". Whatever their intentions one thing is for sure, the tax money intended for the NHS will find its way into the bulging wallets of the Tory's mates and British patients will quietly expire well away from the gaze of the British press. Remember Camerons's words "The NHS is safe in our hands"? Well it isn't and the Tories are busily dismantling and selling off piecemeal something that we have paid for and something that certainly doesn't belong to them or to the greedy money-grubbing crooks that finance them. While Cameron is sunning his flabby body whenever he gets the chance at our expense, he is also planning the greatest crime this country has witnessed since the last time the Tories stole something that didn't belong to them. This is an act of sheer premeditated malfeasance and if the British people stand by and allow this to happen they will rightly forfeit any reputation for the rule of law. It is a crime and, as such, the Tories should be prosecuted for fraud.

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