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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Cameron Holidays At Our Expense Again.

While millions find that they can no longer afford a roof over their heads because of the bedroom tax and millions more are queuing up outside the food banks, while George Osborne stokes into the life the subprime property bubble for all he's worth, while the Tory party are busy accepting backhanders from crooked businessmen so they can continue stealing from their "customers" and disabled people are given the stark choice between finding a non-existent job or begging in the streets, David Cameron is on his third holiday this year and still looking forward to his fourth. So far this year Cameron has holidayed in Ibiza and Portugal and is presently putting his feet up on the Scottish island of Jura before doing the same in Cornwall later next week. Known as “Departure Lounge Dave” by Whitehall officials, Cameron has a suitcase permanently packed at all times in case he needs to take yet another emergency break from his busy schedule of making ordinary people pay for the recession, protecting his own wealth and destroying the lives of people he hates - which seems to be anyone not earning at least £150,000 a year. While the rest of us consider very carefully whether we can afford a holiday this year at all, David "I deserve this because I'm better than you" Cameron is off to the sun as often as he can at taxpayers expense. Perhaps he's seen what is happening in Egypt and is hoping that he'll be out of the country when the angry mobs turn up at No.10. Perhaps, or is that he's just another holier-than-thou Tory scrounger making hay while the sun shines. Then again what other sort of Tory is there?

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