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Friday, 9 August 2013

Tory Panic As The Party Chokes On Its Own Lies.

As membership of the Tory party dips below 100,000 for the first time since the 19th century, David Cameron and his gang of morons, idiots and crooks are beginning to panic. The first sign was when they retained the services of Barak Obama's campaign chief, Jim Messina. The panic was more clearly seen when 90 year old Tory Peers began to mutter about the advantages of Facebook, Twitter and "more effective communication" of their policies. It is evident that they believe that the disconnect between Westminster and the rest of the country is simply a matter of failing to get their message across. What they have missed, of course, is that the rest of the country is not disconnected from Westminster at all - we are all too aware of what these conmen, crooks and snake oil salesmen are up to. From taking bribes, awarding themselves massive pay increases, giving themselves platinum-plated pensions, providing themselves with lucrative property portfolios at taxpayer's expense and padding their expense accounts, MP's of all political persuasions have shown themselves up for what they are - self-interested, greedy, unprincipled and corrupt. When these people talk about "communication" what they are really saying is that they need more effective lies more effectively delivered to what they hope is an electorate as stupid as they are. Lies are lies and crooks are crooks, while no amount of "communication" will lance this particular boil.

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