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Monday, 19 August 2013

Cameron Pretends To Do Something About Lobbying.

As Britain continues its headlong descent to third world status David Cameron's promise to do something about the corruption of lobbying has inevitably come to nothing. Described as a "dog's breakfast" Cameron's legislation is nothing more than a fig leaf to hide the criminal connection between government and fat cat vested interests. The reason is quite simple. The Tories are a corrupt bunch of crooks and fear that they will be cut off from the sources of income they need to maintain their wealthy lifestyles. Pocketing bribes is what the Tories do for a living and the so-called legislation to curb this was never going to be effective if they can help it. Selling the British people down the river is not simply what the Tories do for money however, it is also how the they maintain their sense of superiority. They do it as a matter of course because they know they can and it demonstrates that they are separate and distinct from the rest of us who have to obey the law because we are essentially powerless. They, on the other hand, feel above such considerations and feel that taking bribes with impunity, harming the weak and vulnerable and stealing ordinary people's dreams for the future shows the rest of us how important they are. This legislation demonstrates their utter disdain for us and the extent of the corruption which they feel is their God-given right.

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