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Monday, 16 April 2012

Warsi Shows Her Formidable Intellect.

In a virtuoso display of the formidable intellect that has propelled her to the very apex of Tory politics, Baroness Warsi has predicted that next month's council election will be very "difficult" for her party. "I've been up and down the country," she told the BBC, "and what I'm hearing from the only people I listen to - Tories - is that we're doing a fantastic job." Describing herself as "working-class and northern" she deftly avoided repeating the "we're all in this together" line judging, quite rightly, that it's well past its sell-by date. She also put up a stout defence of the oxymoronic line that reducing tax for the rich actually returns more money, though, like many in her party, she was somewhat vague as to why that should be. No wonder she's fast becoming a national treasure - hopefully she'll soon be consigned to a deep underground vault.

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