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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Is Al Jazeera Better Than The BBC?

While a Tory-led dictatorship continues to inflict untold damage on its own citizens and the BBC wilfully ignores the real questions in Britain today, it has been left to Al Jazeera to report on the true state of this island. Yesterday the Middle Eastern news gathering service filed a report about starvation in this country and how charities are taking food that would otherwise find its way into landfill sites and giving it to the poor. Nor was this report given by a breathless female reporter dressed in a birka or an excitable swivel-eyed male complete with turban and flowing robes as those who would like to see Al Jazeera as a stereotype would have you believe. The report was given by Laurence Lee, a British journalist who would look at home on the BBC, talking to ordinary British people who know what is going on and cannot understand why the rest of the country is being kept in the dark. Apart from the fact that the political establishment, the BBC and the British press don't seem to be interested in this story, the question arises as to how this plays abroad. What does Syria or Iran think when we presume to lecture them about how they treat their citizens? Nor is this simply one of those "the poor are always with us" stories because poverty is spreading in Britain and more and more people, ordinary citizens who have now fallen on hard times courtesy of this vile government, are finding it increasingly difficult to feed themselves and their children. Ignore this if you want but remember this - lose your job or fall ill and you could easily be next in line for a charity handout. To put it bluntly, this is shameful.

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