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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Scroungers Multiply Despite Government Crackdown

It has been a flagship policy of the Tories, indeed it often seems to be their only policy - getting tough with scroungers, those who take and give nothing, those who use their circumstances to freeload off the rest of us. Yet, despite all the rhetoric, the Tories have actually done little to tackle the problem. MP's still claim for everything, from a bag of crisps to a £2 million mansion, bankers still get bonuses for being useless at their jobs, executives still claim pay rises despite contributing nothing to the wellbeing of the country and Margaret Thatcher has claimed £535,000 over the last five years for "public duties." What "public duties?" Going slowly ga-ga while she chats to her dead husband? Where is ATOS when you need them? There are scroungers in this country - of that there is no doubt - but the pathetic efforts of the unemployed and feckless are as nothing compared to the determined efforts of the rich and privileged. They talk in terms of generations of working-class families being unemployed and dependent on benefits, but they are mere beginners. Some very wealthy families in this country have been scrounging off the rest of us for a thousand years, with no sign that they are about to get proper jobs anytime soon. David Cameron himself owes his position not to any ability but because he's descended from a Royal bastard with all the attendent privileges that bestows. They make the innocent suffer along with the guilty when it comes to ordinary people, but when it comes to the rich and privileged its all tax breaks, loopholes and money for old rope.

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