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Monday, 9 April 2012

Destruction Of NHS Gathers Pace.

With the NHS reform bill now law it hasn't taken long for the corporate vultures to move and start tearing at the flesh of its carcass. Richard Branson was one of the first off the starting block having been handed a £500 million contract to provide community services across Surrey. The Tories told us that the reforms were not about privatisation but about choice. So what is Virgin Healthcare if not a private company and where is the choice in Surrey where it is Virgin Healthcare or no healthcare? Meanwhile NHS patients referred to the ­Beaumont Private Hospital in Bolton, Lancs, will be charged for car parking while "paying customers" will not - the first signs of the two-tier health system that has been foisted off on us. Make no bones about it, the NHS has been stolen by a bunch of criminals masquerading as a government and has been passed on to their corporate mates in return for bribery money. After this criminal conspiracy has been thrown out of power they should be prosecuted for a massive confidence trick and then thrown into prison where they belong.

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