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Friday, 13 April 2012

LibDems Turn Tail And Run,

Having sold their souls to the devil and hitching their wagon to the most partisan, unfair and downright evil government in living memory, the LibDems are continuing their long retreat into total obscurity. In the forthcoming council elections they will be only fighting in 70% of the seats. There are many good reasons for this, the main one being that in the other 30% they haven't got a cat in hell's chance of winning. Afterwards, as they lick their wounds, they will point out that they only contested 70% of the seats and their woeful showing is a reflection of the realities of coalition government - whatever that means. Essentially they have turned tail and run, saving their money and keeping their powder dry for the disaster the General Election will be for them. As Lord Owen said the other day; Years from now you’ll have to explain to children what the NHS was. Then you’ll have to explain what a Lib Dem was."

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