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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Francis Maude Boasts About "Tax Haven" Britain.

Having been narrowly beaten by Ian Duncan Smith in this years "Most Evil Tory" award, Francis Maude has decided to make a determined effort to capture the "Most Arrogant and Supid Tory" award instead. Having tried to make out that Labour are responsible for Tory corruption and almost killing a woman with his advice to hoard petrol, he is now openly boasting that the Tories will turn Britain in a tax haven for the super-rich. Meanwhile the BBC have maintained their utter silence on the growing poverty, malnutrition and sheer despair in the country and have continued to concentrate all their efforts on repeating the Tory propaganda about the need for increasing austerity. Our austerity, I hasten to add, not theirs. With an abridged version of democracy, courtesy of the LibDems, a sustained hate campaign against ordinary working people, the unemployed, the disabled and now teachers, the Tories are showing their true colours with a vengeance and yet the BBC keeps completely silent about it. Whenever anyone speaks out against this evil and inequitous government, they are immediately shouted down by a BBC drone who demands the interviewee admit that "austerity is the only solution." As President Obama has so clearly demonstrated, there is an alternative but it is not one that British people are allowed to voice. Even the Labour party feels constrained to trot out their own version of austerity in case they upset the banks and lacks the courage to put its head above the parapet and speak for the people of this country. I didn't vote for a bank manger I voted for an MP and I expect him to fight my corner and not spend all his or her time protecting the greedy rich.

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