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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tories Complete The Hat Trick.

Even for a Tory David Cameron is pretty dim but the worst thing is that he honestly believes that everyone is as stupid as he is. He began his meteoric rise to fame by "de-toxifying" the Tory brand, anxious to show that they were no longer the nasty party. Then he followed this up by promising that he would tackle the recession in an even-handed matter; "We're all in this together." Last of all he told us that he would end the sleaze in British politics. Once in power he then began the nastiest attack on ordinary people that this country as ever witnessed, instituted an economic policy that was designed to benefit a tiny wealthy elite and set about creating a cozy relationship with the Murdochs that was more than just sleazy - it was probably also illegal. You could almost feel the panic in Tory circles as James took the stand again today at the Leverson Enquiry. Nice hat-trick Tory boy! But it is the sheer arrogance of this plausible second-rater that really gets this reporter's goat - the unthinking belief that the British people are so stupid that he can tell them anything and they'll believe it. "Yes, I invited James Murdoch to Christmas dinner but I never once discussed his plans to take over BSkyB. He may have had direct access to government at all levels but that was only so we could swop recepies and discuss our mutual interest in stamp collecting." The electorate should never listen to what politicians say, they should always judge them by what they do and, so far, all Cameron seems to have done is to give us all the finger, in private of course.

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