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Monday, 9 April 2012

Is Religious Education Important In Schools?

In his last sermon as the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams has called for Christians to wear crosses and for Religious Education to be given more prominence in schools. "I believe that the cross, once used by Romans to murder people by nailing them up and allowing them to die of shock and exhaustion, is a powerful symbol for peace," the Archbishop said. "I also think that children not being able to read and write or count above ten is a secondary concern compared to filling their heads with irrational thoughts. Bronze Age myths and more recent superstitious nonsense is of paramount importance in the modern world where rational thought threatens to create a sensible society. What we need nowadays is more blind faith, religious zeal and unthinking devotion. Science provides no answers to our problems, something that everyone should consider when they next switch a light on, drive to work or get food out of the fridge. If it wasn't for Jesus we would have none of these things."

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