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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Strange Death Of Democratic Britain.

The ink is hardly dry on Andrew Lansley's NHS Reform Bill and the bad news is already beginning to arrive. NHS London, the body that oversees the London hospitals, has begun to look at slashing the number of frontline healthcare workers by cutting the nursing budget by 50%. There are two compelling reasons for this. First, it will save the private companies poised to seize our NHS the trouble and expense and second, fewer nurses will be required in a health service that many of us will not be able to use because of cost. Having finally gotten their sticky and dishonest fingers on something that doesn't belong to them the criminal conspiracy that calls itself a government is already counting its ill-gotten gains. This theft, aided and abetted by a craven LibDem party, is the greatest act of sheer criminality ever witnessed in this country which now ranks amongst the most corrupt and undemocratic nations on earth. Healthcare, just like housing, education and opportunity in Britain, will soon be accessible only to the wealthy and all the progress made over the last 150 years will soon be set at naught. Congratulations to all those who voted Tory, I sincerely hope you enjoy your new life of poverty and that your children and grandchildren are proud of you.

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