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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Is This The Beginning Of A UK Spring Or A Rerun Of "Titanic?"

It began long-long ago in a country far-far away - the use of the world "Spring" to denote revlution in the air. Does anyone remember 1968 and the "Prague Spring?" That was long before the "Arab Spring" which is fast becoming the "Arab Nightmare" or "Business As Usual." Now the question is about a "UK Spring." The papers are full of stories today about the begining of the end for Cameron and his criminal enterprise to destroy what remains of the country. The "Mail Online" is asking whether John Major - remember him? - might prove to be the last Tory to get a majority, while the Guardian" is throwing doubt on the Tory plan to increase the North-South divide as a means to entrench a majority. Meanwhile LibDems are beginning to jump ship as they realise they have sold their soul for principles that even in government they can't stomach and might end up losing their jobs like the rest of us. All these criticisms have one thing in common - Cameron. Its just too easy to believe that an old-Etonian with millions in the bank cannot understand ordinary people, especially since its obviously true. Better still, for those of us who see Toryism for the absolute evil it is, people are beginning to realise that Cameron doesn't understand the word "corruption" because for him that's simply business as usual. Nor does he understand that the 19th century, where he wants us all to return, for most people wasn't a period of genteel indolence, but a brutal, dirty business in which life was short and hardly worth living. Cameron set sail like Captain Smith in the Tory equivalent of the "Titanic," unconcerned by the speed he was travelling at or the fact that there wasn't enough lifeboats on board. The paralells are uncanny and even the re-release of James Cameron's film in 3-D is a bit spooky. Basically the story of the Titanic is one of upper-class arrogance and stupidity and of working-class people dying for it. "We're all in it together," but we're thrashing about in the ice cold water while the wealthy are huddling in the lifeboats swaithed in furs. Instead of an iceberg, Cameron may have scrapped the ship of state against the unforgiving and gnarly flanks of a hot pasty, but the "Titanic" also sank in April 1912 killing many crew members and passengers who had no idea of what was coming. We, on the other hand, can see what's coming a mile away and have no excuse for inaction. Its time for a mutiny I think.

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