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Monday, 2 April 2012

Latest Tory Unemployment Scam Revealed.

To go along with its "welfare to work" scam designed to fill its mate's pockets with our money, the Tories have come up with yet another - apprenticeships. These, it appears, are not monitored to ascertain their effectiveness and, of course, companies have simply seen the scheme as a means to shovel public money into their bank accounts. While many have taken on apprentices with no intention of offering a real job at the end of it, others have taken advantage of the scheme to provide themselves with cheap labour. Now we have apprentice schemes in such fiendishly technical subjects as shelf-stacking and aisle-sweeping, while apprenticeships that once took years are now being "completed" in 16 weeks. No wonder our car industry now resides in China and our engineering industry is near extinct. The Tories are conducting their favourite little confidence trick once again - hiding a real problem with cheap sham solutions while, at the same time, allowing their rich pals to plunder the public purse. This is what they mean by privatisation or, as the rest of us would know it, fraud.

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