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Friday, 6 April 2012

Malnutrition Reappears In Britain.

Amongst the catalogue of horrors that the Tories have unleashed on the country - unemployment, the persecution of the disabled, the theft of pensions, tax cuts for the rich, the privatisation of the NHS, government corruption, housing shortages and the complete negation of all democratic principles - the Tories are now clebrating the triumphant return of one of their most cherished principles of government - malnutrition. Dubbed the "silent epidemic" children the length and breadth of the country are beginning to show the first signs of starvation. Charities such as FareShare, who redistrubute food being thrown out by supermarkets, are buckling under the demand from desperate families while some schools are reporting that between 70 and 80 per cent of pupils are subject to food insecurity and do not always know when they might next eat. All this, it might be added, before working tax credits are savagely cut by this government led by a man who has the sheer nerve to call himself a Christian. Under the cover of "austerity" this collection of criminals who call themselves a government are overseeing the most vicious attack against the people of this country since the Middle Ages.

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