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Friday, 19 October 2012

Tories Spend Billions To Destroy The NHS.

The Tory plan to turn healthcare in Britain into a minority interest by making it too expensive for most of us to access has gathered pace since Andrew Lansley was replaced by the even bigger crook Jeremy Hunt and so has the cost. Now expected to cost the taxpayer upwards of £1.6 billion, the "reforms" will eventually mean that those same taxpayers will have to pay through the nose for even basic healthcare while more expensive proceadures will be reserved only for the wealthy. The process, it appears, has already begun with GP's being told to put 1 in every 100 of their patients on a "death list." These will be people who doctors believe might die in the next 12 months and, naturally, many of these will drawn from those people that the Tories consider to be surplus to requirement - the elderly poor. These people will be pressured into signing a living will which will give doctors and hospitals the right to withdraw life-preserving treatment if the patient becomes incapacitated. The matter, at least for the Tory party, has become urgent because of baby-boomers who are now fast approaching old age. "This is a bad situation, which is going to get worse unless we act now," new guidance to doctors states. What it fails to say, of course, is that fast-tracking people into an early grave is expected the save the government £1 billion a year and will go a long way towards funding yet more tax cuts for the Tories and their rich mates.

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