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Monday, 22 October 2012

Tories: Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know.

The Tory party has always been like Lord Byron - mad, bad and dangerous to know. Just how bad they were in the 1980's is only now beginning to emerge in the wake of the findings over the Hillsborough disaster. The realisation that the Thatcher government coluded with the police to hide what really happened there has led to a closer look at the entire period and, in particular, the violence that accompanied the miner's strikes. Evidence is beginning to emerge that the police deliberately ambushed striking miners and provoked violent confrontations to add credence to the Tory propaganda against them. This was followed, as it was after Hillsborough, by industrial-scale doctoring of the evidence and wholesale perjury by the police. The charge that the police were merely "Maggie's Boot Boys" is now beginning to look more and more accurate and puts the whole Thatcher administration into a very sinister light. Her period in power is now beginning to look less like a government and more like a right-wing coup d'etat. Cameron seems to have similar ambitions but, unlike Thatcher, is more afflicted with Tory madness than Tory badness. Where she was steely-eyed, Cameron is cowardly, where she was a master tactician, Cameron is incompetent and where she had all the instincts of a dictator, Cameron is simply stupid. Which is why, as the "Telegraph" reported today, he is reeling from crisis to crisis and is plainly out of his depth. Cameron would dearly love to be like Thatcher but suffers from a lack of any ability to be so. Unfortunately Tory failure, incompetence and lack of any discernable talent for government is completely indistinguishable from Tory success - both are disasterous for Britain,

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