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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Cameron LIes About The NHS Once Again.

David Cameron always knew that the NHS was a disaster waiting to happen for the Tories. Before the election, when he still thought he might get a straight majority, he decided that the only way was to lie about it. "Don't worry," he told the electorate, "The NHS is safe in our hands. We will ring-fence the NHS budget." Some people were ready to give him the benefit of the doubt - after all didn't he owe so much to the NHS because of his disabled son? After the election, when a majority had eluded him, he seemed to have no choice but to live up to the lies he'd told to get even that far. Then Andrew Lansley started to whisper in his ear; "Let's go for it anyway while we have the chance. It might well cost us the next election but so what? Think about all the money we and our rich mates can glum out of privatisation." Cameron didn't need any more persuading. From then on it was simply a matter of holding onto power long enough to make good a Tory getaway with the loot. So today Cameron has written an excrutiatingly pompous and misleading account of the crime that he and his henchmen have perpetrated against the nation in the "Daily Mail Online". Gushing about the care his son received from the NHS and the birth of his premature daughter, he then claims that he would do nothing to "jeopardise that" and further claims that was why he "point-blank refused to cut the budget of the NHS." Not only a caring father then, but also an heroic figure standing between us and some of his less understanding colleagues. The truth, of course, is less flattering. Hospital budgets have been cut to the extent that many are facing bancruptcy and some 6,000 nurses have now lost their jobs. As the "Telegraph" has reported today, one in five hospitals will soon have to close wards to make ends meet. But, as Cameron would dearly like us to believe, privatisation will cure this and provide a leaner but even better healthcare service. All very comforting untill you take a close look at what has happened to Hinchingbrook Hospital in the five months since it was privatised and given to Circle. Even against the government's own league table Hinchingbrook has fallen 19 places, while patient satisfaction has dropped by 22% and staff morale is at rock bottom. Cameron's soothing words in the "Mail" stand revealed for what they are - propaganda, a sticking plaster for a policy that is failing the public but was, in any case, only designed to line the pockets of the Tories and their fatcat pals.

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