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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Cameron's Speech: Mostly Lies And Evasions.

We expect the Tories to peddle myths - such nonsense as the nation's economy being like a household budget, taxing the rich returns less money, wokers's rights damage the economy, British workers are lazy, pensions are too expensive to maintain, rich people are "wealth creators." Essentially these are parables, simple stories for the simple-minded. Today David Cameron stepped beyond the limits of such fairy tales and instead decided that lies and evasions were the way forward. So here are a list of the lies and evasions contained in his speech today; 1) He is "profoundly grateful" for all the armed forces have done in Afghanistan - so grateful he's having thousands of them sacked; 2) What is "up" in the NHS? "The number of doctors, the number of dentists, the number of midwives, the number of operations." - Note the absence of any mention of nurses, down by 6,000 since he seized power; 3) "I vetoed that EU treaty." - No he didn't, he simply refused to sign it and the rest of Europe carried on without us; 4)"No-one is owed a living." - Other than MP's, the Royal Family and bankers; 5) "We need an economy that creates good jobs....And confidence that it’s worth investing." - Which is why he threw hundreds of thousands out of work, brought down wages and took demand out of the economy; 6) "Labour’s plan to borrow more...would squander the sacrifices we’ve already made." - Instead of borrowing more to pay for the sacrifices that ordinary people are being forced to accept; 7) "We promised that those with the broadest shoulders would bear the biggest burden." - Which is why the rich got a tax reduction while the poor, the unemployed and the disabled had their incomes slashed; 8) Labour "busted our banks." - No the banks busted our banks; 9) "More of our children live in households where nobody works than almost any other nation in Europe." - Try telling the Greeks and Spanish that. Of course Cameron's speech wasn't really intended for ordinary people - it was nothing more than an alibi to assuage whatever is left of the Tory conscience and, as such, was a resounding success.

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