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Monday, 15 October 2012

The Tory Plan To Put The Plebs In Their Place.

The "Guardian" published a graph today based on figures from the IMF that illustrates the Tory plan for Britain and it makes for a grim picture. Their intention is to shrink the British state until it is on a par with present day Greece. The Greeks are being forced into poverty and hoplessness by outside forces that have little sympathy for the suffering this is causing. Here in Britain we are being forced into poverty and hoplessness by our own government - people who are supposed to work for us and are certainly paid rather well out of taxpayers money. Andrew Mitchell let the cat out of the bag when he told a policeman that he was only a "f**king pleb" who "should know his f**king place." The message of these figures is that the Tories think that everyone in this country is a "f**king pleb" who should know his or her "f**king place." The Tories do not own this country - whatever they might think - we do and it is up to us, not them, to decide what sort of future we want for our children. If you want a country based on dog-eat-dog selfishness in which only the wealthy have access to healthcare, education and life chances then the Tories are the party for you. But have no illusions, you are probably a "pleb" and will not be invited to share the goodies that they want you to believe could be yours. Someone once said that the trouble with the United States is that everyone votes as if they're temporarily embarassed millionaires. Don't fall for the same propaganda and turn what was once a fairly decent country into warzone of all against all.

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