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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tory Councillor Ousted For Trying To Steal Public Assets.

The man pictured above is Alec Robertson who was, until today, the Tory leader of Cornwall Council. He lost his position after being ousted by his colleagues for attempting to steal £300 million of publicly owned assets and then selling them at knock-down prices to his rich mates. He had planned to privatise the libraries, benefits, the Council payroll and, of course, healthcare. Other Tory-led councils in London, Somerset and Suffolk, are running into similar problems as local people are waking up to what the Tory programme of theft in broad daylight actually means. Privatisation means higher prices with less service, as the railways and energy companies prove beyond all shadow of a doubt. Privatisation means less in tax revenues as companies are allowed to hide their profits and dodge tax year after year. Privatisation means lower wages as companies tear up contracts of employment at will and take workers rights away with impunity. And, most damning of all, is the fact that the Tory idea of privatisation only includes the privatisation of profits, while losses continue to be the responsibility of the taxpayer. This is not capitalism, it is simply the principles of socialism being applied exclusively to the wealthy while the poor are being exposed to the full rigours of the "market." It is unfair, unjust and, as the collapse in demand in this country amply demonstrates, plain stupid.

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