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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Scotland Now A Police State.

The BBC have aired a documentary tonight that makes it absolutely clear that Scotland has now become a police state at the behest of a foreign national. Donald Trump has turned a beautiful area of Aberdeenshire's coastline and an area of world scientific interest into a building site and has been allowed to recruit the local police as his personal bully boys. Local residents are being harassed and threatened in their own homes, their water has been cut off as well as their electricity and their land has been treated as if it is already owned by Donald Trump. They have been sent bills by the builders for the erection of fences to block their view and make their lives miserable and mounds of earth now surround their houses so that Trump, who describes the properties as "slums", doesn't have to look at them. A BBC film crew making the documentary has been assaulted by the police and arrested for no legal reason and then publicly ridiculed and insulted by Trump himself. And all this so that Donald Trump can build a golf course on the basis that the world hasn't got enough of them already. It is clear that the Scottish government has a good case for allowing its citizens to be treated in this way - money. In this regard Alex Salmond has shown the Scottish people what to expect in the future - their own, home-grown version of the Tory party, complete with attendant corruption and a police force whose chief function is to be the SNP's own Sturmabteilung. Scotland should be ashamed of itself.

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