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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tories Force Families To Break The Law.

The bad news is that cuts to housing benefits means that many poorer people in the country will be faced with a choice between paying council taxes they can't afford or buying food for their families. The good news is that councils are resigned to the fact that chasing poor people for money they haven't got is a waste of time. Just another day, then, in Toryworld. While slashing benefits and throwing thousands of public sector workers out of their jobs has merely flattened demand and made the recession worse, this latest piece of Tory stupidity has merely turned "savings" into debts elsewhere. To illustrate how stupid the Tories are they are now contemplating giving councils upwards of £100 million in "transitional relief" to prevent them from going bankrupt. All they have to figure out now is how they're going to find the other £400 million that will be needed. Something has to give and that something will have to be local services. So we can all look forward to rubbish piling up in the streets as councils cut back on dustbin collections, while rats will flourish as they also cut back on pest control. More libraries will close, more day centres for the elderly, more leisure centres. By the time of the next general election the Tories are confident that they will have turned our towns and cities into the disease-ridden cesspits they were during the Middle Ages. Way to go fellers!

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