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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Osborne Underlines Tory Party Of The Rich Label.

While David Cameron is desperately trying to hang onto the centre ground by focusing on such nationwide concerns as railway fares in the home counties and capping council tax so that councillors get the blame for a cut in services, George Osborne is making it absolutely plain that this is a government by the rich for the rich. There will be no wealth tax, no tycoon tax, no mansion tax, no property and no land tax. The entire burden of rescuing the banks and protecting the money of the rich is to fall on the disabled, the unemployed and the low paid. His flimsy excuse for this is that ordinary people will soon find "their more modest home has been labelled a mansion." ‘We want to encourage wealth creators and make Britain a place where people want to invest," he has said, blithly ignoring the fact that the rich are more likely to hoard their wealth than create more and investment is at its lowest level since Victoria sat on the throne. Maintaining that a cut in tax for the rich actually returns more money and that raising it again would hit the poor, Osborne seeks to turn the world on its head and believes that spin will always trump cold, hard facts. And, what is more, he is quite willing to frighten the markets by telling all and sundry that we are only waifer-thin better than Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. So the recession is to continue and the British people are to be betrayed over and over again as the Tories indulge their wet dream under cover of "there's no alternative." The sooner this dismal bunch of cold-hearted treasonous villains are turfed out of office the better.

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