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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Cameron Appeals For Intelligence.

David Cameron, who despite his expensive education is probably the least intelligent Prime Minister we've ever had, has called for an "intelligent" approach to law and order. This approach, it seems, is urgently needed for two reasons - there are 15,000 fewer policemen than there were three years ago and the Tories have already wasted so much money destroying the British economy that there is little left to fund real law and order. So far his "initiative" seems to consist entirely of sentencing those who supply firearms to criminals to life imprisonment and electing police commisioners in order to give local worthies, without much in the way of qualifications, a job that will pay oodles of money without their having to do very much. Of course, when Cameron and his rich Tory pals talk about crime they only mean that kind of crime committed by poor people. The crimes of the rich - bankers who destroy the world's economy, finance companies who offer "payday loans" at exorbitant rates, MP's who fiddle their expenses and companies who refuse to pay tax - are already being handled "intelligently", or, as most of us would understand it, ignored. It is a strange fact of life that those who vote Tory will often offer two reasons for their bizzare choice - the Tories are "tough on crime" and are the champions of business. Yet, whenever they slither back into government, crime goes through the roof and a recession is never far behind.

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