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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Tories "Running Out Of Road".

Pressure is growing on David Cameron to do something - anything - to reverse the steady Tory decline in the polls. "We know we have got to turn it around," one Conservative Party official has been quoted as saying. "We're running out of road." According to the right-wing think tank, Policy Exchange, Cameron has failed to "modernise the party" and to turn around its image as the party of the rich and the privileged. Meanwhile a Com Res survey of 166 business men and women has found that they no longer believe that Britain's economic wounds are healing or that the "green shoots of recovery" can be seen. It is difficult to see what Cameron can actually do, however. The Tory party is the party of the rich and the privileged and it has no choice but to keep following the deeply flawed and ultimately damaging economic policy that its insane ideology dictates. Cameron has made a brave stab at it with his comments about the NHS in the "Daily Mail Online" but, at the end of the day, he can only privatise it for the benefit of his rich pals if he privatises it for the benefit his rich pals. No amount of soothing words can hide the reality of his policy any more than pretending that George Osborne knows what he's doing will improve the country's economic outlook. Cameron's problem is that he's tipped his hand and showed the electorate his cards before getting a majority. Having detoxified his party's image before the election he couldn't stop his party from retoxifying itself once it sniffed the chance to indulge its wildest and most nasty little wet dreams. The Tory party is what it always was - nasty, vicious, two-faced and depressingly stupid.

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