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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Tories Blame The Unemployed For Unemployment.

In the wake of their utter failure to revive the economy by bleeding it to death the Tories have, once again, taken up their fall-back position of blaming the victims. Those who want only to live a life of luxury on less money per week than most Tories spend on a good lunch will have 20% of their benefits taken off them after being unemployed for 12 months the right-wing think tank The Free Enterprise Group has proposed. Anyone out of work for more than six months will be forced into unpaid labour. This, the Tories have the sheer brass neck to claim, is part of their measures to "boost economic growth." How such measures will do that is anyone's guess, but the Tories have never allowed inconvenient facts get in the way of a good lie. It is also proposed that the first 12 employees of a company should be allowed to dodge tax by claiming to be self-employed and that transport and emergency service workers should be banned from striking by law. Chris Skidmore, Tory MP for Kingswood who co-wrote the proposals, commented; “Now is the time for the Conservative party to be brave. We need bold thinking and ideas that reflect the fact that we are the party that believes people should have the freedom to make the decisions about the things that affect them.” Cheered by such inane comments Geoffrey Wheatcroft writing in the "Guardian" has suggested that the time is right for the Tories to shake off popularism and embrace their aristocratic instincts. The problem with the Tories, it seems, is that they've forgotten the "redeeming virtues of the old aristocracy." They may have but others have not. These "virtues" included arrogance, selfishness, self-satisfaction and the deluded belief that they were a superior race distinct from the rest of Britain. In fact exactly how the Tories see themselves in any case.

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