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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Tories Sharpen The Knives.

David Cameron has done his level best to please the Eurosceptic nutters in his party by offering an "in-out" referendum on British membership of the EU - well sort of. The Eurosceptics immediately showed their appreciation by stepping up their campaign to oust Cameron and replace him with an even bigger idiot. The choice, unfortunately, is narrowing. Only two senior Tories seem to have any chance of becoming the next Tory Prime Minister - Theresa May or Michael Gove. The only other big hitters in the party, the unelectable baldies David Hague and Ian Duncan Smith, have already had their go and fluffed it while George Osborne is too big a moron even for the Tories to contemplate. So, they are left with Theresa May who has managed to turn even the police against them or Michael Gove who is not taken seriously by anyone outside of Lalaland. So why are they so intent of getting rid of Cameron - surely their only real hope of winning the next election? In a word, the LibDems. They simply cannot forgive Cameron for failing to give them the majority they need to indulge all their nasty little fantasies and then taking them into coalition with the hated LibDems who they blame for putting a brake on them. Of course the truth is that it was the electorate who put the brake on them, but they don't care too much for democracy in any case. Their real choice for leader, given the chance, would be Nigel Farage but he's unavailable. So its a matter of burning Cameron at the stake and then hoping for the worst.

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