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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Mystery Fall In Unemployment Without Jobs Explained.

The mystery as to how the government has brought down unemployment while, at the same time, wrecking the economy has been made clear today by the BBC in a rare departure from their normal support of the Tories. It would seem that welfare to work corporate sharks have been taking the line of least resistence and encouraging the unemployed to pretend they are self-employment so they can claim working tax credits instead of benefits. Essentially they have been perpetrating a confidence trick at public expense and pocketing huge amounts of money in the process. This is hardly surprising since they are a bunch of crooks and have been encouraged to plunder the public purse by another bunch of crooks who like to call themselves "the government." The Tories have managed to privatise unemployment and turn it into cash cow for the corporations they themselves have invested in just as they have with the NHS. Nearly all of the so-called "reforms" that the Tory party has introduced so far are little more than a licence for them to print money for themselves and, as such, are corruption on a literally industrial scale. They may have an Eton and Oxbridge education but this latest inacrnation of the Tory party are spivs pure and simple, the lowest form of pond life - confidence tricksters.

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