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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Iceland Still Being Ignored By World's Press.

For those amongst us who can't imagine what the alternative to rewarding the banks for crashing the world economy might be look at the picture above. It was taken in Iceland as the people there said an emphatic "NO" to picking up the bank's bad debts and "NO" to their politicians who wanted to put them in debt for the rest of their lives. Essentially the people of Iceland quite rightly pointed out that the banks are private companies and do not have an automatic right to public funds in order to avoid the consequencies of their own mistakes. Nor do politicans have the right to impoverish their own citizens simply to protect their wealthy mates. There hasn't been much time devoted to this story over the last five years as the media have concentrated instead on the so-called "Arab Spring." They wouldn't like you to know too much about it because, unlike the "Arab Spring," the Icelandic revolution has been a resounding success. Not only have the Icelandic people told the banks and their political sidekicks to take a hike, it has been recognised that, under international law, they had a perfect right to do so. This is what the soveriegnty of the people means. In Britain and elsewhere across the world politicians have demonstrated quite clearly that they have no interest in the soveriegnty of the people, they care only about their rich cronies in the banks and in protecting their own priviliged positions. The media have been compicit in this confidence trick that they like to call "government" and it is hight time that this story was given the publicity it demands. It is time to wipe the scum off the top of the political brew once and for all.

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