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Monday, 28 January 2013

"Democracy Dodging" Tories Blame Councils.

In their quest to avoid paying tax the Tories have pulled some pretty impressive confidence tricks. They've managed to slice up British society like so much salami and then turned each slice against all the others. They've turned a crisis in capitalism into a problem not for capitalists but for those they swindled. They've taken the gross ineficiencies and sheer criminality of the private sector and turned them into virtues with which to batter the public sector to death. Essentially they have turned the world on its head. Nothing, however, demonstrates their sheer audacity more than Eric Pickle's accusation that Councils are "dodging democracy." The Tories have no majority, no mandate and no real legitimacy, yet have launched an attack on the ordinary people in this country of breathtaking scope. Determined to take away our rights at work, our ability to find redress in the law and persecute the vulnerable, they steal our pensions and our NHS using their favourite tactic of blaming the victims and accusing others of being "anti-democratic." The Tories are a disgraceful blight on this country and a shameful reflection of how low we have sunk as a people.

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  1. Read this blog and weep, not because it is so bad, but because it is so good. Its accurate and honest reflections on the nastiness that the Tories are pouring all over our land make me both weep in disgust at how it is possible for a tiny bunch of creepy weirdos who have no experience beyond the gargantuan excesses of the millionaire to bring suffering (and surely death) to the most vulnerable, but also makes me laugh with its forthright and condemnatory language showing up the bastards for the evil breed they are.