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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Grant Shapps Outlines Tory Sucide Note.

Despite all appearances Grant Shapps has the easiest job in Britain. As Chairman of the Tory party it his responsibility to get them a majority at the next election. This can be done, he told us in the Telegraph today, because of their "solid record" on "welfare, jobs and education." No mention of the economy then. No, he would rather rely on the trust he has in the British people to be as vile as he is himself. Having whipped up what he hopes is a storm of hysterical jealousy for the film star lifestyles of the unemployed, disabled and sick, he honestly seems to believe that crude hatred will get him where he wants to go. He remains confident that the vast majority of us welcome the opportunity to work part-time for the minimum wage and be content with rights that none of us can afford to enforce. Better yet, he seems to think, we are all clamouring for our children to receive a second-rate education while the privileged few claim all the glittering prizes. We yearn, he seems to believe, for the good old days of the 1840's when everyone at least had the certainty of knowing his or her place. Of course he doesn't really believe this twaddle which is why he has the easiest job in Britain. The Nasty Party haven't a cat in hell's chance of getting a majority in 2015 and he knows it. The article in todays Telegraph is probably the closest he will come to making effort to persuade us otherwise and even that is little better than a suicide note.

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