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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Bye, Bye Mr.Cameron

David Cameron, battered by UKIP, told off by the Americans and largely ignored by other European leaders, is watching in dismay tonight as his Tory colleagues sharpen their knives for the next ritual slaughter of their leader. Like Margaret Thatcher and John Major before him, Cameron cannot give the Tory party what it wants - the abject surrender of the EU to their insane ideology. While European leaders can be venal, arrogant and stupid even they cannot bring themselves to be as stupid as David Cameron and his Tory cabinet colleagues. While they are content to make the poor in their countries pay for the recession, they are even keener to make the poor of other countries pay for it and recognise that they have to leave their own citizens with enough money to at least pay their taxes. It is not so with the Tories who actually believe that they have a moral mission to turn their countrymen into paupers for the good of their souls. Unable to deliver what the swivel-eyed nutters in his party demand and unable to persuade the French and the Germans to help him David Cameron is doomed to failure and obscurity. Not a moment too soon as far as the News in Shorts is concerned, but his demise might be postponed until after his caghanded blackmail has done irreperable damage to Britain's position in Europe.

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  1. Bye bye Mr Cameron, you have been in power far to long it's time you were gone. you have hurt the disabled and made life even harder for the unemployed that's where your votes have gone. Bye bye