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Saturday, 19 January 2013

How The Tories See The Rest Of Us.

Christopher Chope, the MP for Christchurch, is a typical Tory. The son of a judge, privately educated, wealthy and as thick as two short planks. While Andrew Mitchell likes to refer to policemen as "plebs", Mr.Chope sees the restaurant staff at Westminster as "servants." Having referred to them as such during a speech about the terrible service in the House of Commons restaurant, he appeared to be completely dumbfounded by the reaction from the Opposition benches who fell about laughing. The reason for his confusion was entirely understandable since, to him and the rest of the Tory party, we are all merely servants. The Tory party has been accused of "being out of touch" but that is hardly a strong enough term to describe the gulf between us and them. To them we are as exotic as an alien race and are, as the ancient Romans described slaves, "talking tools." Our welfare, life experiences and even our very existence is largely irrelevant to them. We are there to wait upon them and provide for their priviliged existence through our taxes but, otherwise, are of little or no account. In the past we had our uses as the workers necessary to provide their material wants but they can get cheaper goods from India and China so we are now surplus to requirements. Even their demand for domestic servants has been reduced by modern technology, while advances in weapon technology means that we are no longer needed to fill the trenches in our millions. Under those circumstances our education, our employment and our healthcare are no longer required and the state can, as far as they are concerned, be safely shrunken to the point where they at least don't have to pay any taxes at all.

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